Friday 19 April 2013

Teeny tiny baby quilts

My wee little baby quilts for the neonatal ward of a local hospital are finished!

Quilts for neonatal unit

I made these two 16" by 20" quilts from squares of 1930's reproduction prints donated by a guild member who generously went through her stash and provided lots of fabric kits.

Quilts for neonatal unit

I split my kit into two lots, and added my own fabrics - navy pin-dot for one, and a grey and white tile print for the other.  It was particularly satisfying to be able use backing and binding left over from other quilts.

Orange blossom quilting

The quilt with the navy fabric received very simple cross-hatch quilting.  With the other one, I tried an experiment, using Elizabeth Hartman's Orange Peel Quilting tutorial.  I really enjoyed doing the orange peel quilting, and I'm very happy with how it turned out - it's definitely a design I will be doing again!

Quilts for neonatal unit

This is a typical quilt photo scenario for me!  Fortunately this little quilt didn't get far, but I can tell the autumnal weather will have its challenges!

It was very enjoyable to make these little quilts knowing they will go to a good cause - they didn't take much time at all, and I was able to use up a few of the extra bits and pieces that I always save and rarely find a use for.  

I have been tempted from time to time to join one of the international groups that quilts for charity (like do. Good Stitches), but it seems really inefficient to be sending stuff like this overseas.  Now that I know what size quilts the local hospitals need (these quilts are for Hutt Hospital, Wellington Hospital prefers quilts that are around 27" - 28" square), I plan to make more - they are a great size for experimenting and using up scraps!

If you make quilts for charitable causes, do you prefer to stick to local causes, or does the sense of community from being part of a charitable bee make sending quilts and blocks further afield worthwhile for you?

These two quilts are the first two finishes off my second quarter goals list - yay!

she can quilt

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Erica said...

These are really cute and your orange peel quilting looks amazing! I can't believe that is your first time trying it.

Susan said...

So lovely Adrianne! I am desperate to find a local charity like this to contribute to, so I look forward to others responses too.

Anonymous said...

They both look so great !

I am a host for Do. Good Stitches and while I don't mind sending blocks oversea, when it's my month to quilt, I always try to find a child that is in need of a quilt. I'd rather know where my quilt is going than ship it to an organization. But that's just me.

Nancy said...

These are such sweet little quilts, Adrianne. Thank you for using your skills to make and donate them. Two families will love them dearly, I am sure. Our local children's hospital accepts baby quilts - no requirements on size or content.

Sarskhia said...

These are beautiful, Adrianne, and I just might have to try out the orange peel quilting myself, as it looks so gorgeous on that little quilt.

Further to another comment above; Patchwork & Play, if you are in Victoria, Victorian Quilters Inc are involved in various ways with quilts for infants and children at the RCH - 'Very Snuggly Quilts'. They also make 'Quilts of Love' for the parents of stillborn infants. Two very worthwhile and rewarding causes.

Anonymous said...

Very cute, what a great cause.

Carla said...

Absolutely darling ; )

Unknown said...

Bardzo fajne pikowanie!

Rachel said...

Love your quilts Adrianne! I love orange peel quilting! I've just signed up to do. Good Stitches as a quilter. Each month I will be posting 2 blocks to Australia. Twice a year everyone's blocks will be sent to me to be finished into a quilt. I get to choose which charity the quilts go to when it's my turn to quilt, so I won't need to post the quilts internationally (yay!). It's a fun way to get to know Flickr friends a little better and try out new blocks :)

Clare said...

Such a lovely thing - both the quilts and the purpose. I have a link with that hospital, and its great to have people thinking of it :)

MsMidge said...

Gorgeous little quilts! What a great idea :)

Michelle said...

Those are so pretty! I love the orange peel quilting.

Most of my quilts get donated locally. I figure that the money is better spent on more thread and batting than on postage. But there are some causes that I'll mail quilts to.

maria said...

They're lovely. It sounds like a great cause . I would rather donate to a local charity or at least iin my own country but if the quilt is going to be used I suppose it shouldn't matter where the person lives.
I was just thinking that most charity quilts are for children but I expect there are elderly people or families with little money who would appreciate them too.

sarah elizabeth :: {no} hats said...

Very sweet ;)

Rachel said...

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

What a great project to work on. Both these quilts are just so amazingly gorgeous!

Adrianne @ On the Windy Side said...

Thanks Sarskhia! Do try the orange peel quilting - it was fun (and better yet, fast!). Thanks for the heads up on the charities in Victoria!

Maggie said...

I love the circular quilting!