Monday, 9 May 2016

Garden for Birds - Rainbow version

Hello!  After a bit of a hiatus, I'm back!  I'm hoping to start posting with more regularity again, but, we'll see...

Anyway, this quilt has been finished for a while, but I haven't previously found the motivation to post about it.  It's the third quilt I've made from this pattern (my own).  This is the original Garden for Birds Quilt and this is the Garden for Birds Quilt 2.

I made this one over the course of last year as I taught this quilt pattern for the second time.  It was nice to sew along with my students (although all my stitching was done outside class time, of course).

Garden for Birds 3 

This time I went back to something slightly more along the line of my original quilt, with rainbow colours and a low volume background.  A little black sneaked in as well, since I was going high contrast with this quilt.

Simple quilting seemed to be the way to go, so I quilted a large scale meander design over the whole quilt, choosing Aurifil in my favourite colour, 2021.  To make the quilting stand out a little more, I went with a 40 weight thread instead of my usual 50 weight thread - its still subtle but just that bit heavier.

Garden for Birds 3

My stash is pretty out of control, so I have been trying to make quilt backs from fabrics in my stash rather than buying yardage for quilt backs.  Sticking with the rainbow theme, I used a selection of cheerful prints for the back of this quilt, which I rather like.

I'm about to start teaching this class again for the third time.  Every year, my students come up with fabulous and different interpretations of the pattern - I'm excited to see this year's batch of quilts!

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Caturday Wisdom #165

Work your angles. Ivy

This angle is as flattering for cats as it is for humans! It's looking like a grey, rainy weekend for us - perfect for napping/sewing, whichever you prefer.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Caturday Wisdom #164

Do not be a dog. Ralph

It's still Saturday somewhere..? We had a lovely, docile dog visitor last weekend that I personally very much enjoyed. Ralph did not feel the same way and spent the day hiding and dribbling and being cross. Ivy was much braver and tried to investigate the visitor but didn't appreciate the way the dog wagged his tail every time she got near it. 

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Caturday Wisdom #163

If you are truly dedicated to style, you will match your carpet to your cat. Mojo

He looks a bit surprised at this result but what's more important than cat-carpet fashion? Ralph and Ivy aren't so lucky though Ivy certainly seems to appreciate it when I wear all black just like her. 

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Caturday Wisdom #162

Don't be afraid to put on your mean face to get things done. Ivy

Ivy has an unintentional mean face, she's very sweet and small but when she squints and sticks her nose up she looks like she's gonna beat you up. Ralph doesn't seem to have inherited this trait even though they're siblings. Though maybe he's just such a chicken that it always shows on his face.