Saturday, 1 August 2015

Caturday Wisdom #131

Don't catch birds. Mojo

Mojo is modelling his anti-birdcatching collar, and loving it obviously. The bright colours are supposed to alert birds to Mojo's presence, and according to his owner it seems to be working.
It does not work on rats...

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Caturday Wisdom #130

 Look, don't touch. Ivy
 Ivy seems to really enjoy having one arm hang down. She likes to lie above the fireplace in this exact pose. Sometimes I try to hold hands with her but she only lets me when she's reeeeeeallly heat-drunk, otherwise she just shakes me off haughtily.

Monday, 20 July 2015

2015 Finish-Along Q2 Winners!

Well done to everyone who entered a finish for Q2 of the 2015 Finish-Along.  My wonderful team of cheerleaders and I have visited all the links and we were so impressed with what everyone accomplished.

Without further ado, here are the winners for Q2:

The winner of the $30 gift voucher from Rachael from imagine gnats is Lucy from Charm About You with this sweet tea cosy.

The winner of 3 patterns of her choice from Sara from Sew Sweetness is Jen with this cute baby quilt.

The winner of 3 patterns of her choice from Sew Bittersweet Designs is Indigo with this fun paper pieced mini.

The winner of a $25 gift voucher from Becca from sew me a song is Mina from Kinda Quilty with this gorgeous mini.

The winner of a $25 gift voucher from Green Fairy Quilts is Carol from Carol Quilts Sometimes with this great baby quilt.

The winner of a $30 gift voucher from Mad About Patchwork is Teresa from Aurea's Kitchen with this adorable giraffe

The winner of 3 patterns of her choice from Juliet from Tartankiwi is Ella from throw a wrench in the works with this scrappy scrap monster quilt.

Scrap monster 2

The winner of a pattern from Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts is Marie with a beautiful star quilt (privacy settings mean I can't share the image here).

The winners of a copy of the current issue of Make Modern are Anne with this amazing sew together bag

Finish along projects quarter 2

and Iris with this fabulous elephant pillow.

On the Windy Side

And the winner of my high tea pattern is Jennie from Porch Swing Quilts with this  fun zebra pillow.

All the winners were drawn using the random number generate at Congratulations to all the winners - I'm in the process of sending out emails to hook you up with your prizes so you should be hearing from me very soon!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Caturday Wisdom #129

Eat all your dinner and eventually you'll be big enough to eat anyone who does this to you. Mojo

I got to visit the famous Mojo a couple of weeks ago and got a picture with him, even though he was reluctant to show his lovely face. He is a gentle giant, although not if you're a local bird but I will follow up on that in a few weeks...
Happy weekend!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Caturday Wisdom #128

 There's no such thing as normal. Ivy
These cats have such funny little personalities.
Ralph is a ridiculous but affectionate sook who is happiest getting belly rubs or sleeping on your lap/chest/head. He's always begging (pitifully) for food or to be let into the 'forbidden room' (my bedroom, off limits except on special occasions) but he will happily tell Ivy where to go if he wants her spot. If you ignore him for too long when you get home he will literally jump into your arms, even if you're not looking.
His top three favourite things are tuna, sunshine and pats.
They are both small cats but Ivy is the smaller.  She doesn't usually like being held but is happy curled up on your lap as long as you don't move a muscle. She loves a chin scratch and does very loud grunty purrs when she gets them. She's a special kind of nuts, she regularly does what I would describe as very loud crowing when you're not looking. However, if you stick your head around the corner and see her she will go back to normal meowing like it wasn't even her. She is the braver one and has chased TWO cats (both bigger than her) off the property when she's been let outside on a sunny day, even though they're indoor cats.
Her top three favourite things are being up high, investigating things and eating plants.
Even though Ivy always sniffs Ralph's butt and he doesn't like it, they're still best little buds.