Saturday, 25 April 2015

Caturday Wisdom #117

 If you do enough yoga you too can check the smell of your feet with ease. Ralph

Even Ralph has to ease into a pose like this. His feet and butt get closer to his face the longer he is squished upside down somewhere, preferably next to a warm human.
If you're Kiwi/Aussie, have a nice long weekend, everyone else have a nice regular-length weekend!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Introducing the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad

Wow - you guys did an amazing job finishing LOADS of projects in Q1!  I was amazed to see that there were 549 finishes when all was said and done.  Great work - there must be a load of WIP piles that are smaller now.

It took me a while to work through the links - I visited about 470 and Leanne from she can quilt was amazing and visited the rest.  To help speed the process up next time round, I've put together a crack team of cheerleaders to help me visit all the projects and encourage you to whip your WIPs.

First up is Rhonda - founder of the Finish Along.  Rhonda used to blog as Quilter in the Gap but she has recently re-branded as Rhonda's Ramblings.  Rhonda has also been doing an awesome job helping me find people to write tutorials for the Finish Along.

Rhonda's [Quilt] Ramblings

Next up is Leanne from she can quilt.  Leanne hosted the Finish Along in 2013 and did a brilliant job.  I had the good luck to meet her at QuiltCon earlier this year and she is as lovely in person as she seems on her blog.

she can quilt

Helen from Archie the Wonder Dog is my next cheerleader.  She's been a long time supporter of the Finish-Along and is doing a great job getting through her WIPs this year.  

Next up is Kirsten from Gemini Stitches.  Kirsten is one of my long-time blogging friends and makes lots of beautiful things.  She has also been kicking some WIP butt this year.

Last but not least is my real lift quilting buddy Wendy from Wendy's Quilts and More.  Wendy may be the most prolific quilter and stitcher I know, and her talents extend to beautiful embroideries and beading as well as quilting.

Of course, I will be visiting links and leaving comments - I found visiting all your finishes such an inspiration that I wouldn't want to miss out entirely!  Please give the cheerleaders a warm welcome and check out their blogs if you're not already a follower - you won't be disappointed!

I am currently working on a post for the Q1 Finish Along winners, so keep your eyes peeled!

As always, feel free to grab the Finish-Along button and spread the word.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Good luck to everyone with their Q2 lists.  I am definitely feeling extra motivated to make progress on some of my WIPs after seeing everyone else's finishes!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Marsala Medallion - a quilt top

Woohoo - I finally finished my Marsala medallion quilt top!  It's been a long time in the making so I'm really thrilled to have it done.

Marsala medallion quilt top

I started with the central block, which is my own design.  All the appliqué in that block is blanket stitched by hand, which look a LONG time.  It has great texture though, and I found the hand-work pretty soothing, most of the time.

Marsala medallion quilt top 

I actually made the outer border next.  It consists of 12" square traditional blocks, made in a range of pretty busy marsala-ish fabrics.  I was definitely going with "more is more" for this quilt!  I had to make a total of 12 blocks, but I actually made 15 before I had 12 I was happy with.  

I used to think that having to re-make blocks was a sign of failure, but now I'm much more relaxed about it.  When you're pushing the boundaries in terms of colour and design, sometimes things don't work out the first time around.  Being able to see that and make changes is a good thing.  I also find it easier not to get stuck or agonise over fabric choices when I bear in mind that I can always re-make a block if I really have to.

Marsala medallion quilt top

The inner borders consist of a solid (I think it's Kona Sienna) and quarter square triangle blocks made with Oakshott ruby reds.  They add a bit of sparkle which I really love.

2015 Pantone Challenge

There is still plenty of time to link-up to the 2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge.  Entries are open here.  I'm going to pop my quilt top in the non-judged category - as an organiser of the challenge I'm not eligible for any prizes, but of course I want to show off my quilt top!  I'm really looking forward to visiting everyone else's entries too.

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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Caturday Wisdom #116

Leopard print is a neutral. Lola and Vivi
These two know the truth about leopard print. It goes with everything! Especially cats.
These pretty kitties belong to Adrianne's friends Terry and Jane.
I hope you have a lovely weekend lined up, it's looking a bit gloomy in the weather department for us so indoor activities will be the name of the game.

Friday, 17 April 2015

2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge - Open for Entries!

2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge: Marsala

The 2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge is open for entries! You can link up here or over at Play Crafts - the linky runs across both blogs so it doesn't make a difference where you link up.

This swatch is the official Marsala colour.  We know that finding fabrics in this exact colour isn't easy, so don't worry, the fabric in your quilt does not have to match Marsala perfectly.

Before you link up, check out the rules, our wonderful sponsors and our amazing judges!


All items must be finished in 2015 to be eligible to win prizes.  

We will be enforcing the rules and will remove any entries that don't meet the requirements.  See below for more information about a separate linky for quilts that don't meet the requirements.

1. There will be 3 categories:
 - Minis: Shortest side under 30". Pillows, table runners, place mats, mug rugs, etc. will count as minis.
 - Quilts: any size from baby to bed (shortest side must be at least 30'').
 - Just the Top: any size from baby to bed (shortest side must be at least 30'').

2. This is the Marsala Quilt Challenge, so your project must contain at least some Marsala or similar colour. You can also use any other colours or neutrals you like (and as many as you like). That said, we would like to see Marsala as the feature colour of your quilt and we will be asking the judges to take your use of Marsala into account when making their decision.

3. You can submit one entry per category. Entries for quilts and minis should be completed projects, including quilting and binding.


Quilts - judged by Amy Gunson from Badskirt

First place - Hawthorne Threads - $75 gift certificate
Second place - Fat Quarter Shop - Fat Quarter bundle of the winner's choice
Viewers' choice award - Westwood Acres - $50 gift certificate  

Minis - judged by Jeni Baker from In Color Order

First place - Green Fairy Quilts - $50 gift certificate
Second place - Stitchbird - 10 piece Japanese fabric fat quarter bundle
Viewers' choice award - Fat Quarter Shop - $50 gift certificate


Just the top - judged by Kristin Link from Sew Mama Sew

First place - Aurifil - Large spool thread collection
Second place - The Intrepid Thread - prize to be confirmed
Viewers' choice award - Fat Quarter Shop - $50 gift certificate


As you can tell, we have expanded the viewer participation element of this challenge so that there is a viewer's choice award for each category.  We know you'll have fun looking at all the entries and voting for your favourite in each category.

Finally, we would really really love to see an entry from absolutely everyone who feels the slightest bit inspired by Marsala, regardless of skill level, so an entry in each category that hasn't already won a prize will be drawn at random, and will win one of: a $25 gift certificate from Sew me a Song, a a set of four large spools from Aurifil, or a £20 gift voucher from Karen Lewis Textiles.


We are delighted to have three fantastic guest judges on board.  These ladies are seriously talented quilters, designers and authors.  We love their work and know they'll do a fantastic job when it comes to judging your entries!


From left to right: Amy Gunson from Badskirt, Jeni Baker from In Color Order, and Kristin Link from Sew Mama Sew.


1. Entries are open NOW and will close on April 24 at 11pm PDT. The link-up tool below should tell you how much time the link-up has to run BUT if you need to know the closing time in your country, World Time Buddy is a really excellent visual way to see different time zones.  Winners will be announced on April 29 2015.

2. Each entry should link to a blog post / Threadbias post / Flickr page / Instagram photo

3. Each entry must include quilt dimensions.

If you haven't used a link-up tool before, Katy from The Littlest Thistle did a post which explains how to use it really well - you can find it here.

If you're planning to use instagram to link up, Katy from The Littlest Thistle has done another tutorial on how to link from instagram using your computer (here).  If you are working on your phone or your tablet, Rhonda's tutorial on how to link from instagram (here) is for you.

Please enter your quilt in the correct category, BUT if you make a mistake, the link-up will allow you to delete your own links so you should be able to put it right no trouble.

Here are the linkys:



Just the Top

Non-judged entries:

We thought it would be fun to provide a place for people to share quilts that feature Marsala that don't comply with the rules for the 2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge: Marsala (for example, because they were not finished in 2015).  We will be providing a separate link-up for people to share these quilts.  However, they will not be eligible for judging, voting, or to win prizes.  If you link up a quilt that is not eligible for the contest, we will move it into this category.

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