Friday 5 April 2013

Craftsy Sale!

Have you every taken a class with Craftsy?  I've signed up for quite a few!

The quilting on my Finally Feeling Festive table runner uses techniques from Angela Walters' Machine Quilting Negative Space Class.

I used similar quilting on my Splashy Stars quilt.  I really enjoyed that class - Angela is a great teacher and I know I will use lots of the quilting techniques she teaches.

I've also done the Quick Strip Paper Piecing class - the quilt patterns taught in the class aren't really my style, but the technique is totally genius, and could be adapted to many different paper piecing patterns. Perfect for someone like me who loves the precision of paper piecing but not how long it takes!

Also, I didn't go to Quilt Con, but thanks to Crafty's Free QuiltCon Lecture Series, I didn't totally miss out.  I would highly recommend this series for anyone interested in the modern quilting movement - it was interesting and enlightening, and I'm still thinking about it despite watching it weeks ago.

I really like Craftsy.  I like the format - the videos are clear, the note taking function is useful, it's pretty easy to navigate.  I like the convenience of being able to watch classes when and where it suits me.  I've recommended it to my friends, and I've recommended to my mum.

If you are interested in taking a Craftsy class, now is a great time, because Craftsy is having a sale!  Between April 5th and April 8th, a different set of Craftsy classes will be on sale each day, with up to 75% off the normal price.  If the class you want isn't on sale, check back another day - there will be a fresh batch of classes on sale.


I have mixed feelings about using my blog for advertising.  But Craftsy is something I genuinely really like, and that I've paid my own good money for.  So, I signed up for the Craftsy affiliate programme after reading about it on someone's blog.  It means I get a small commission if you follow one of the links in this blog and sign up or take a class.  I hope you don't mind!


Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

I haven't tried a Craftsy class, yet, but thanks for the info, and btw, your quilting and your projects are gorgeous! xo

The Glass Collector said...

Brilliant! I haven't a minute to spare for a formal live class at my local quilt shop, which seem to always take place after work when I'm home with the family (can't skip that!). These Craftsy classes are just the solution!

Erica said...

I just love the quilting on your Splashy Stars quilt. I have taken a few Craftsy classes too and absolutely loved them. It is so nice that you can work at your own pace.

I understand how you feel about sponsors on blogs. I recently went through my blog list and stopped following several quilting blogs that seemed to mostly have sponsored posts, but I think that something like this is different because it's a product that you have used and you believe in. If I hadn't read about Craftsy on someone's blog at some point I probably would have never known about it, so it's a great way to share info too.

Barbara O. said...

Angela Walters' negative space quilting is aswome! I haven't done her Craftsy course yet, but I've got her book, it's fabulous! And I've done some other Craftsy classes, it's a really good way of teaching and learning.
Congrats on these lovely pieces of work! I really love your Splashy Stars quilt!
I understand your thoughts about sponsoring, I've come across a few blogs with 100% sponsored posts, and it's really annoying to read about some ready made chicken breasts instead of sewing... ^^
Blogging is hard work on a tight schedule, so I think it's fully justified that you get a little amount for the affiliate program, no need to feel bad about it. :-)

Jill said...

Wow! Thanks for the suggestion on the quilting class - it sounds very informative. I've only made a few quilts (I'm more of a knitter and weaver) but I'm very interested in quilting. I just like playing around with all of the pretty fabric. Thanks!

Kirsten said...

I haven't tried any of the Craftsy classes but I would love to do the Angela Walters one - especially if I could achieve results anywhere near as beautiful as your quilting!