Sunday 14 April 2013

Modernista Homemade happiness

Since sending off my Modernista Homemade swap items, I had sort of forgotten that I would be receiving items in return, so it was a total surprise when my goodies arrived in the mail this week.

I really really love the things my partner (Bianca aka binkiege) made for me.  First up, this lovely (and, at 24" square, huge!) pillow cover.  I love all the fabrics used, and I don't have any of them in my stash, which makes this extra special.

Modernista Homemade cushion

The extra item is this super cute pincushion which you put over the arm of the sofa when you are stitching on the couch (here being modelled by my fence).  Aren't those owls sweet?

Modernista Homemade pincushion

These items co-ordinate beautifully, but aren't completely matchy-matchy.  Bianca was very kind and thoughtfully included a few extra goodies, like sweet little flower-headed pins, little sewing themed charms, cute ribbon and colour-catchers for the first time I wash the pillow cover.

Modernista Homemade cushion and pincushion

Finally, I have to show you how well this pillow goes with the quilt on my bed.  This is either a total coincidence, or some high quality stalking was involved!  Since it goes so well (and Ivy approves, as you can tell by her photo-bombing antics), it will live on my bed, and has already proved to be very comfortable to lean on. 

Modernista Homemade happiness

I often write my blog posts from bed at the end of the day, so I am already thinking of this as my blogging pillow - it seems an appropriate name, especially since it came to me through an online swap.

Thank you again Bianca, for the obvious time, effort and care you put into these items, and making this swap such a great experience!


Ann @thequiltingcats said...

Wonderful!! Very special in deed! I am curious about the other pillows... are they embroidered??

Kirsten said...

The pillow is beautiful Adrianne - it actually matches your Lucky Squares quilt really well too!

Sarah said...

I love that pillow and it looks awesome on your bed!

Anna said...

I love the pin cushion idea! I am forever losing pins, so need to make something similar I think!

Fran said...

Great pillow! Love how it looks on your bed.

maria said...

What wonderful gifts. The pillow looks lovely on your bed.

Annabella said...

Swaps are great aren't they? Wonderful makes! Enjoy them Adrianne.

Binks said...

I'm so glad you like it. Thanks for the lovely post shout out. It was truly my pleasure. :)