Monday 13 April 2015

2015 Finish-Along - Q2 List

I've decided to continue with my "list all the WIPs" approach for Q2.  I'd like to start 2016 with fewer WIPs, and who knows what I might finish in each quarter.  Here goes:

1. Ursa Major

Ursa Major

So far, just the bear is pieced (using Juliet's wonderful Big Bear pattern - available here), but I have more of the blue background fabric to complete the quilt top and an idea.  Update from Q1: zero progress.

2. Clover Sunshine and Oakshott

Wonky Crosses

I haven't made any more progress with these blocks, and I'm still not totally sure what I want to do with them... Update from Q1: zero progress.

3. Midnight at the Oasis

Midnight at the Oasis quilt - flower border in progress

I still love this quilt, but I haven't really worked on it since Christmas 2013(!).  The fourth border is really nearly done, so I should probably make getting that finished my goal and then start thinking about the next border (all those teeny tiny churn dash blocks). Update from Q1: zero progress.

4. Indie Stripes quilt

Indie Stripes quilt top

I've been hand-quilting this quilt for about a year.  I don't think it will get finished in Q1 (particularly because it's quite warm at the moment and therefore not the best time to sit under a big quilt while you stitch it), but I'm determined to finish it this year. Update from Q1: um, I started quilting this one again?

5. Bangles Quilt

Bangles quilt in progress

I started this quilt in January 2013, and yup, I've still only sewn a single hexagon... Update from Q1: zero progress.

6. Jenny's Fancy That quilt

My version of Fancy That

I started this quilt in October 2013, in a class with Sarah Fielke.  I stitched one quarter wheel in place using the needle turn method and it got a big lump in it, and I haven't touched it since.  I'm going to unpick that part, abandon any attempts at needle turn appliqué (it's just not for me), and machine blanket stitch the appliqué in place instead. Update from Q1: zero progress.

7. Cotton and Steel and Low Volume quilt

Another new project, this one started in 2015!  This is continuing my exploration of improvisational curved piecing.  As you may be able to tell from the name, this quilt uses a selection of low volume fabrics together with fabrics from the first Cotton and Steel collections.  I've made four blocks (out of 15) so I reckon this should at least be a quilt top in Q1. Update from Q1: zero progress.

8. Purple wonky stars and 1930's prints

I started cutting fabric for this quilt in January last year, because I thought it might make a good Radiant Orchid project.  However, I never actually got around to piecing it.  It's inspired by this quilt and I still want to make it. Update from Q1: zero progress.

9. Green and blue drunkard's path quilt

Another quilt I never blogged about - but part of my resolution to conquer curves in 2014.  I used my friend Anne's Accuquilt die-cutting machine to cut lots of blue and green drunkard's path blocks.  I'm planning to put them together fairly randomly.

Update from Q1: omg I have a quilt top!

Blue and Green quilt

10. Argh My Eyes V2

I made a quilt called Argh My Eyes! for Quilt Symposium.  The process of making this quilt meant I ended up with 60 blocks for a 30 block quilt - so I can make a second quilt using the extra blocks.  I'm thinking I'll add some appliqué to the second one so it is truly a different quilt from the first.  Update from Q1: zero progress, BUT at least you can see the first quilt now.

11. Karen Lewis Log Cabin mini V2

igminiswap quilt

When I started my igminiswap quilt, I knew I was going to love it, so I cut enough pieces for a second version for myself.  I've started making the blocks but other priorities intervened at the end of last year.

Update from Q1:

Karen Lewis Textiles mini

I have a quilt top!

12. Blue, White and April Showers High Tea quilt

After I made my first High Tea quilt, I decided to make a second one using a layer cake of April Showers that had been sitting in my stash for a while, and white and navy solids.  I've stitched all the sashing strips together but I think I was defeated by the ironing! Update from Q1: I ironed a bunch of stuff.

13. Dressing Table set quilt

I've collected quite a few of these colourful vintage doilies / dressing table sets, and I would really like to incorporate them into a quilt.  I have an idea - the main thing I need now is some free time to work on it. Update from Q1: zero progress.

14. #orangepeellittleislandquiltingmademedoitquilt

In order to keep up with my Year 30 quilt challenge (read more about it here) while I was away on holiday, I prepared these orange peel blocks for hand stitching.  They were really fun, and a certain someone insisted that I should make a quilt using similar blocks.  At this stage, the quilt may be more of a mini, but we'll see! Update from Q1: I've put more blocks together but they're not all stitched down yet.

15. Yoshiko Jinzenji cushion

QuiltCon classes 

I started this project at QuiltCon and I don't need to do much to finish it!

16. Broderie Perse project

QuiltCon classes

Another project I started at QuiltCon, in Anna Maria Horner's class.

17. Glow quilt

Glow Quilt

Since I enjoyed stitching up my blue and green drunkard's path quilt so much, I decided to cut another drunkard's path quilt.  This one uses a bundle of Glow, by Amy Butler.

18.  Make it Work Quilt

Make it Work Quilt

Since I had the accuquilt, I decided to cut an equilateral triangle quilt too!

Sooo, since I made my Q1 list I've finished 5 projects, but I also started some new ones which means my list has only reduced by one.  Ooops.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

The Q2 link-up is open for a few more days, so if you haven't made your list and linked up yet, get on it! You can find the link-up here.

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memmens said...

Phew! I feel exhausted just reading your list! Good luck with it, I really hope you make great progress especially with those untouched for a while ones!

Poppy Black said...

I'll be reporting plenty of zero progress on my list too! You are right about aiming for less unfinished projects lurking around in 2016. It would be great to start the year with a fresh start on new challenges. Those unfinished creations make me feel guilty!

Ella said...

Love your list! Good to know other have big carry over too. (Not that your list is an insane as mine.)

Dawn said...

Your honesty is refreshing .... and a scarey reminder of all the WIPS I have waiting. Love the succinct terminology: "progress zero" LOL

Linda M said...

Love your list. What a great selection of projects to work on.

Jessica Jo said...

Listing all the WIPs in a good idea. Maybe I will do that next quarter. You have some great ones. I can't wait to see them finished! There are so many that make me wanna do them too!

Carla said...

A brilliant list! Midnight at the Oasis is going to be amazing. I'm working on a bangles quilt too! Linking up in the morning : )

weavinfool said...

We must be related. I have many UFOs in several areas of handmades.

Leeanne said...

Wow lots of action and activity! I look forward to seeing what you come up with for the vintage doilies.

dutchcomfort said...

Phew, that’s quite a list Adrianne! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one with so many projects on the go, though I listed only a few for Quarter 2!
Good luck on the finishing part!!

Camilla said...

Yeah time is the only constraint to getting this done-no worries! The weather is perfect for quilting now! And it's so nice to come across a cushion amongst all the pillows one sees in these parts! Love those curvy little interwoven blocks, forgotten what you call them and if I scroll up to see this will disappear. So bravo, looking forward to seeing the progress!

Hannah Monster said...

Those are all so pretty! Those little rainbow log cabin minis are whoa-whoa-wow! Heart eyes looking at them. I'm also loving that ursa major and may definitely have to check out that pattern! Good luck with finishing. I just started three new projects instead of working on finishing... so I think if there's still time, I might join up for the Q2 finish-a-long! This seems really productive, and lots of fun!

Debbie said...

The ongoing start/finish ratio dilemma huh? Lots of fun projects on your list tho!!

Jennie said...

I totally agree with the "list-it-all" approach and I've also cut double on a couple of swap quilts because I knew I'd fall in love! I love your list!

Kirsten said...

Good luck with your list of fabulous projects - love the Drunkards Path quilts!

Allison Sews said...

Dang girl, you're in the middle of so many great projects! There is a lot of prettyness over here.

vagabondindigo said...

such bright and fresh colors! I cannot wait to see what you do complete as you blog about them. Here is to many many finishes!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

ahhh . . . so many lovely things to work on. I like the box for the glow quilt. Another one like the blue/green drunkard perhaps? Good luck!

NickiJ said...

Wow, that was a long list of quilts "in progress". You were very brave to put them all up at once. I think we all have quilts hidden from sight that are unfinished. We only have the designers to blame that make more amazing patterns and produce more stunning fabrics, that make our UFO list even longer!! Don't stop inspiring us!