Monday 19 May 2014

Bloggers Quilt Festival - Autumn with a Twist Quilt

I am revisting my Autumn with a Twist Quilt for the Bloggers Quilt Festival. I made this quilt as a sample for a class I'm teaching and it was just a delightful experience. The colour palette was inspired by some fabrics I picked up on a quilty roadtrip with a friend, and then I found the perfect backing at a local quilt shop (on sale, no less). I think it was just meant to be!

Autumn with a Twist Quilt

This quilt is just a simple equilateral triangle quilt.  It's the third one I've made and I'd make another tomorrow!  If you're interested in making your own, you can check out my tutorials on how to cut equilateral triangles and how to sew equilateral triangles.

Autumn with a Twist Quilt

I've been wanting to make an autumnal quilt for a while, and I started on that with my Midnight at the Oasis quilt.  However, that project is on hold for the moment, so the need to make a sample for my class presented the perfect opportunity.  I've said before that if someone said they were putting chartreuse, plum, hot pink, grey-brown and cream together, I'd think of a hot mess, but I really love this somewhat unexpected colour combination.

Autumn with a Twist Quilt

As much as I love the front, I think I like the back as much.  I used a really beautiful panel from Cori Dantini's Beauty is You line, and it ties in many of the colours from the front, in a much softer palette.  I'm really glad I managed to find this fabric, because I had in mind to use on the back once I started the front, and it's quite hard to find online.  I might have cleaned out the local quilt shop I found it at!

Autumn with a Twist Quilt

Even though cream linen binding is horribly impractical, it just seemed like the right choice for this quilt.

Autumn with a Twist Quilt 

For the quilting, I decided to go very simple so as not to compete with the quite busy quilt top (and because I loved the quilting on this equilateral triangle baby quilt that my mum made).  I simply stitched a quarter inch off each side of the seam lines.  It was much quicker and easier than I thought it would be, especially because I didn't need to mark any of the quilting lines, and just used my walking foot as a guide.  I actually used a different coloured thread on the top and in the bobbin, but the colour differences are very subtle (a very light beige on the back, and a slightly darker beige on the front).  It does make a very nice pattern on the back.

Autumn with a Twist Quilt

Of course, I added the label in my usual style.  I've found that curving the corners of my labels lets me blanket stitch around them a little bit more neatly, and they feel more secure without the points which can come loose.

At 238" inches around, my quilt just squeezes into the Small Quilt Category for the Bloggers Quilt Festival. Make sure you head over and check out the other quilts in that category and all the other categories!

Quilt Stats
Pattern: my own equilateral triangle quilt pattern
Finished Size: approx 56" by 63"
Fabric: various
Backing: panel from Beauty is You by Corin Dantini
Pieced and quilted by: me

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Hettie's Mum said...

I love this quilt! Great colours simple flowing design and yes the fabric you used on the back is just FAB! I also love reading your blog and really appreciate the work you put into it. Your quilts, and ideas are inspirational.

audrey said...

Beautiful quilt! The colors are just fantastic together. Love the backing. It really softens the quilt and makes is very special.:)

Annabella said...

I adore this colour palette and together with the triangles you have yourself one stunning quilt. Beautiful entry.

Lucy | Charm About You said...

I love the colours of this quilt! Great entry!

Brenda said...

IMHO opinion you don't have a triangle quilt with a fun backing. You have a reversible quilt. I love both sides, and I would absolutely love to have some of those backing fabric panels.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Gorgeous. This year of Pantone purple is opening a ton of eyes to the possibilities of that glorious hue. I have been a purple fan for years and often feel alone, altho moving to the Bay Area helped me to feel more among my kind, in my love of the color. I so hope this year opens it to many more who find their favorite shades of Purple, delicious purple.

CitricSugar said...

Great colours! Beautifully done and I LOVE how you did the back - such a nice complement to the front without being too matchy.

Angela FlowersMoore said...

Why not linen for the binding? Love this very much.

Deb said...

So glad you entered this Adrianne. I just love the colours in it.

Anne said...

I love the colors, even if they do sound like an unlikely pairing! I love triangle quilts, I really should get around to making one at some point. :)

Ольга Романив said...

I love it! The color is beautiful!