Tuesday 27 May 2014

A Man Bag for Dad

It was my Dad's birthday last week, and I made him a man bag.  He's recently added a glasses case to the usual paraphernalia of wallet, keys and phone, and pockets are just not cutting it any more.

Man Bag for Dad 

I made this wee bag using generally the same technique as Noodlehead's open wide pouch, but my own measurements.  The 15 different navy prints are scraps left over from a quilt which has been cut out but not sewn up yet, and of course I had to sneak some Yarn-Dyed Essex Linen in black in as well.

Man Bag for Dad

The interior is a bright and fun alphabet print which has been waiting in my stash for a while!  You can see in this picture that the bag is standing up by itself, and that's because I used Soft and Stable again.  I really love it - it's given this pouch such great body without begin at all stiff or difficult to use.

Anyway, this was a nice little project to make for my Dad and also gave me the chance to use my Juki for something other than pure quilting.  It chomped through the multiple layers beautifully!  Dad is pleased which is the main thing (although I think he secretly wanted something more sweary).

I will be linking up with finish it up friday at crazy mom quilts in due course.

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Blue Moth said...

Those deep blues are gorgeous!

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Gorgeous - it is such a brilliant shape and the colours rock!!

Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs said...

Nice, Adrianne! I just made a bunch of the Noodlehead pouches for teacher gifts - for women, so decidedly more pink but just as unsweary as your dad's gift ; )

Erica said...

Love it! It's a great combo of manly prints.

Brenda said...

It is so practical to use light and bright colors to line all of your various pouches and bags. They help to add light to the interior so that you can see what you are looking for. Dark linings are like having the light turned out inside the pouch. Great Dad gift.

Anne said...

Naaaaavyyyyyyyyy. MMMmmmm. :D Love it paired with those jewel tones inside, as well!