Saturday, 10 May 2014

Caturday Wisdom #68

Blood is thicker than tuna. Ralph

Below you will see that although Ralph loves his sister, he did not love the strange cat that appeared in the house last weekend who looked an awful lot like his sister but was DEFINITELY, 100% NOT his sister. 
Luckily after about four days of this melodrama Ivy smelt enough like her old self for Ralph to remember that she cleans his head and keeps him warm during winter and sacrifices treats and lap space for his big butt and they were back to being best buds again.
Warning: your pets may find this video disturbing/intriguing. 


  1. Your video doesn't appear to be working or at least not for me.

  2. He could be in a cat choir with Lucy the Cat!

  3. Whenever someone comes home from the vet at our house the others inspect the carrier and sniff and hiss at the poor patient. Ralph is not alone in his thinking the vet's office smells!

  4. I'm finally taking the time to go through your Caturday Wisdom posts. I am a sucker for cats and animals. Chessie came back from surgery and Abby didn't know her and stayed away. Fortunately, Abby is curious and not at all hissy. She would just cautiously approach, sniff and sniff, and then cautiously walk away with an attitude of "I don't know this cat". She finally got over it and recognized Chessie for who she was.


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