Wednesday 14 November 2012

WIP Wednesday

Granny squares quilt - no progress since last week.

Giant star quilt - no progress since last week (but I now have photos of the free motion quilting I did, here.

Gingham quilt - no progress.

Dat Star - no progress

Oakshott quilt - this is the reason I have made no progress on any of my other works in progress since last week.  I want to keep this quilt fairly under wraps until it is done and posted at Lily's Quilts (by the end of November).  I can reveal two things though.  One is that the plan has changed a bit.  The other is that this quilt has so far involved cutting over 500 equilateral triangles.  Phew - I'm glad that part is over!
A couple of progress photos:

The colours really are this luminescent

I am piecing four triangle units to make doing the final layout easier.

Gotta press all those seams open.

What it looks like from the front.  Notice the grain of the fabric?  That is deliberate and really going to make this quilt shimmer and sparkle.

The crosshatch sketch fabric looks much bluer in these photos than it is in real life - I think it was the early morning light.  It is actually closer to charcoal in colour.

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Megan said...

Intriguing!! love that blue you have chosen to go with the shot cottons.

Cille said...

Hmm... Interesting to see your shimmer project. I always have plans to do this or that and then always end up doing something completely different :)

Susan said...

Oh, my favourite triangles! This is going to be fabulous!

Η Πευκοβελόνα said...

Your photos are very good! I gotta have those Oakshot solids!

audrey said...

Ooh! So lovely! I'm sure the 500+ triangles will be worth it! :)

Adrianne @ On the Windy Side said...

Thanks! The Oakshott fabrics are lovely - I am keeping even my teeny tiny scraps to use in something else. By the way, you are a no-reply blogger, which means I can't reply to your comments by email :-(

Η Πευκοβελόνα said...

I didn't know that (the no-reply). But because I subscribed to your comments...I got your reply in my email! I also keep every little piece of my fabrics...

Nat at Made in Home said...

Love the fabric and the grain of the fabric. It is going to be worth the effort!