Friday 2 November 2012

Dat star - if it was a quilt

I downloaded a program called TouchDraw this weekend.  It's not intended to be used for designing quilts, but its functions mean it can be used to do so.  That's what I used to make the plan for my Oakshott quilt.

I also used it to play around with the block I made over the weekend - Dat Star.  I don't think I will be making a whole quilt's worth, but what would it look like if I did?

Option 1: without sashing, each block rotated 90 degrees from the last.

Option 2: with sashing, and a wide border.

With all the different busy fabrics I used, I don't like this particular version of this block as a quilt.  But, I like the secondary design on the un-sashed version, so I can see potential for that one with a solid background perhaps.

What do you use to design your quilts?  Graph paper and pencil, software, or maybe you can keep it all in your head?


Susan said...

LOVE the first option and the secondary pattern it creates! I don't design, just copy! LOL!

Megan said...

That top version looks amazing - I like it very much in the fabrics you have used. I'm not much of a designer - more a borrow/adapt/copy kind of quilter!

Amanda said...

I use graph paper and power point right now. But I think I might ask for EQ for Christmas.

Nancy said...

I agree: the unsashed version is fabulous which makes the secondary design stand out. If you decide to make a whole quilt it will be fabulous!
Nancy from joy for grace