Monday 5 November 2012

My first quilt

I always planned to show the first quilt I made on this blog.  I love the First on the First feature by AnneMarie at Gen X Quilters (where she gets a guest blogger to show the first quilt they ever made).

It looks like I won't get to do it.  My house was burgled a couple of weeks ago.  They took the TV and some electrical goods, and a bracelet of my sister's.  It sucked, but I'm insured, and at least nothing of great sentimental value was taken.  Or so I thought.

Turns out they also took my first quilt.  I pieced this aqua, blue and pink quilt in late 2006 and early 2007, and my mum quilted and bound it for me.  It has been used ever since.  My sister had been using it on her bed at the time of the burglary, and we only just realised it is gone.

You can kind of get a glimpse of it under Ivy.  I don't have any better photos of it than this.  It is very simple - large squares of the french toile type fabric alternating with nine patches of blue and pink fabrics.

Something of a consolation - they didn't take the quilt my mum made for my 21st birthday.  I will get over this.  That quilt has much more sentimental value.  I am going to photograph it this weekend.

I know that in the grand scheme of things, a stolen quilt is not the end of the world - lots of people have had far worse things happen.  But I'm still pretty mad about it.


Susan said...

The thing is, they certainly don't appreciate the sentimental value that quilt has for you! I am sorry you no longer have it. At least you have an excuse to make another!

Cille said...

Good looking cat :) I can certainly understand the frustration. For the thiefs it has no value - they must likely just used it to wrap other things in. But for you it has sentimental value and can't ever be replaced.

Cascade Quilts said...

that sucks and probably the only reason they took the quilt was to wrap the stolen TV in, grrrrr.