Friday 5 December 2014

Strings Attached

Back when I signed up for QuiltCon, I also decided to sign up for the Michael Miller Cotton Couture challenge.  I received the fabric a couple of months ago and had a general idea of what I wanted to make, but in the end I only started my quilt a couple of weeks ago.

Michael Miller Cotton Couture QuiltCon Challenge quilt

I think it's amazing that Michael Miller provides free fabric for the challenge, and I thought the challenge conditions were kind of interesting (essentially, the quilt must primarily ussolids from Michael Miller’s Spring Cotton Couture Pastels. Solid Michael Miller cotton couture fabrics are permitted. Michael Miller prints are permitted on the binding and the back).  I decided to embrace these limitations and add as little as possible to the fabrics provided to make my quilt.

Michael Miller Cotton Couture QuiltCon Challenge quilt

This is my finished quilt (which I have entered in QuiltCon).  I used only the fabrics provided, plus some Cotton Couture in charcoal for the backing and a small section of the binding (I didn't have quite enough white).

Michael Miller Cotton Couture QuiltCon Challenge quilt

I really like the extreme simplicity of the straight lines, the graduated colour changes, and how the raw edges and fraying threads make the colours blend together and add softness.  I think this is the most minimalist quilt I've made, and probably the most "modern" (in the way that the Modern Quilt Guild defines "modern quilting").  Part of me worries that this quilt is just too simple, and maybe a bit boring.

Michael Miller Cotton Couture QuiltCon Challenge quilt

Anyway,  despite my slight reservations, I'm happy with this quilt, and I'm glad I made it.  I would love to see it (and/or another of my entries) hanging at QuiltCon.

Did you enter anything in QuiltCon?

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Anne said...

Wow, you really made the colors sing!! I love this, and don't think it's too simple in the slightest. :D
Fingers crossed for you that it gets in!! I really worry that mine doesn't feature the main colors well enough to fit the challenge, but I suppose I'm happy with it regardless which is the salient point. :)

Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl said...

I think this is wonderful and would be a great choice for display at QuiltCon. I entered 2 quilts myself, but entering was the win for me as I am sure there were so many entries that being selected is a slim chance.

Wtrstone said...

What a gorgeous quilt.... I love the interlacing of the colors. But how did you assemble it - the visible seams and fray edge add so much dimension! Is it sturdy enough to be used... or could it be without changing much? Would love to follow your construction process on this one. --- the black piece of binding is a touch of visual genius as well! I will be surprised if it does not make the cut at QuiltCon.

Charlotte said...

I hope it gets into the show because I really want to see this one close up - I love the frayed edges! Good luck :-D

Kris said...

Wow this really has a cool vibe to it. I would love to see it in the show too. The fraying is so interesting. I did make one for the challenge too and I have lots of mixed feelings about it. It was not what I started out to make and after scrapping the designs I came up with 3 times I finally had a finish. I have not blogged about it yet and probably won't until it gets in or not. :P Until then I am working on our guilds charity quilt that will be sent in. Great job on yours and good luck on getting in.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this quilt and think you have fully embraced the challenge.

Leonie said...

I really like everything about this quilt - the colours, simplicity, the black part in the binding, the way it all blends and .... everything. I am sure they will like it too :)

Deb said...

I think this is gorgeous Adrianne. Good luck!!

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

This is seriously awesome Adrianne! I hope it gets in too, I'd love to see it up close. I can't wait to meet you in a couple of months!!!!