Saturday 13 December 2014

Caturday Wisdom #98

Views are overrated, a room with a spew is what you really want. Ralph 

The thought process that dictates which very precise spot on the floor a cat will choose to sit on is a complete mystery to me, but I guess I never get the urge that Ralph and Ivy do to undertake a thorough investigation into the smell of someone's feet or mouth either. In this photo I am sitting on the couch so Ralph is just staring at the base of it/my legs. Obviously.

Christmas came early this week for Adrianne when Ralph did a large vomit in her sewing room for her to clean up (he's fine, he just overdid it on the cat biscuits, greedy-guts). When Ivy heard the noise she came bounding down the hallway to see/smell/eat because she is a garbage cat.

I guess what I'm saying is cats are pretty gross and weird. And I'm sorry if you were eating. And for my obnoxious shoe-sock combo.


Poppy Black said...

I love Caturday Wisdom! My cats leave gifts like puked up furballs in prime positions around the house. Delightful surprises.

Beausoleil Quilts said...

My dogs do the same. Funnily enough the vomitee guards their vomit from the others very protectively.

juxtapose nz said...

Hi there, fellow Wellington stitcher!
Would you mind telling me where in Wgtn you purchase Insul Bright wadding? See you used it to make oven mitts. Have plans to make an insulated lunch bag over the break. Thanks!