Friday 4 January 2013

Scrappy trip-along

Well, just as I was getting momentum on some projects that I actually need to get done because they have deadlines, along comes a viral quilt-along that I just can't resist.  I saw it get going on instagram a little while ago (I am adrianneonthewindyside if you want to find me), and it has since taken off, with an instagram hashtag (#scrappytripalong) and a flickr group.  Check it out, but be warned - it is very difficult to resist jumping on this bandwagon.  In case you are keen to join in, this is the tutorial from Quiltville that everyone is using.

This is my fabric pull - not exactly scrappy, but it's super bright and I'm looking forward to seeing how it comes together.

I have cut all my strips - the white fabric will be the centre diagonal of each block.  Because I am using fabric strips rather than scraps, I decided to go for an 8 by 8 block rather than a 6 by 6 block - it is a more efficient use of fabric and also means that I only need to make 16 blocks to get a 64 by 64 inch throw size quilt.

This is a mock up of what my quilt might look like - it will be less organised because this is just one block duplicated over and over, whereas all my blocks will be slightly different.  I can't wait to get started.

Have you also fallen victim to the scrappy trip along mania?


Anonymous said...

I am trying really really hard to resist right now. We'll see how that goes :)

I love your bright colors btw, it'll be really cute !

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

Not yet... It's getting really hard to resist though!

Macska said...

I've been seeing this pop up around the place, and I'm finding it very hard to resist! (I may give in before too long....)

Susan said...

That's going to be amazing! Your restricted colour palette will sing! I am making mine very scrappy! It's a great opportunity to use a some of my stash- even if its just a little bit!

Elmosmate said...

I was asked the other day what I do with my scraps.... looks very tempting.

Little Bluebell (Adrianne) said...

Love the brights with the white!