Tuesday 30 October 2012

Equilateral quilt - top completed

I've had this quilt top finished for a little while, but it took some time to press it, and then I needed some tall assistants to photograph it.

Modern sixty degree triangle quilt

It's hard to tell the dimensions from this picture, but this quilt measures 84 inches (214 cm) in length and  is 87 inches (221 cm) wide.  It doesn't sound that big, but I am 5'8" and I couldn't hold it off the ground lengthwise.

Sixty degree triangle quilt

I am very very happy with this quilt.  I plan to baste it this weekend, at my parents' house, because there isn't anywhere in my house I can lay it out (at least not without moving lots of furniture around).

Sixty degree triangle quilt

So, which tall people helped me get photos of this quilt?  My brothers, of course.  Aren't they delightful?  The one on the left is the shorter of the two, at 6'2".  The one on the right is the recipient of this quilt, and at 6'5", looms over the rest of the family.

Modern sixty degree triangle quilt

This photo session was quite a family affair - my sister took the photos.

Who helps you photograph your quilts?  Do they like to make faces as much as these two?


Susan said...

Great post! You have two very accommodating brothers! My sister sometimes helps me! I love equilateral triangles and yours is wonderful! Did you use a specific pattern?

Cille said...

Lovely quilt and some great helpers you got there LOL. The other day I tried getting my boys to help me holding up a 80"x80" quilt. The boys of course didn't last more than two minutes before they started goofing around. Luckily there was a (gushy) wind that lifted it from the ground just before, so I did manage to get ONE non-goofy-quilt-is-lifted-from-the-ground-picture. And from there it just went ga-ga´ :)