Thursday 2 October 2014

Echino quilt

My Echino quilt is back from the long-arm quilter, and has been bound, washed and dried.

Echino quilt 

I'm really thrilled with how the quilting came out on this quilt.  I had in mind that I wanted a kind of damask pattern quilted on this one, and I spent quite a bit of time trying to find the right thing.

Echino quilt

Did you know that you can find long-arm quilting patterns online, and if they are compatible with your long-arm quilter's machine, they can download and stitch the pattern you've chosen?  Obviously, whether you can do this will depend on on the kind of machine your long-arm quilter has, and whether they are willing to use patterns you've found online.  That said, it's definitely worth asking the question if there's a quilting design you'd just love to have on your quilt.

Echino quilt 

The design on this quilt is called Coral Nested and I found it on a website recommended by Sue Burnett, who did the quilting on this quilt (I quite like this website for patterns as well).  She has a pretty big range of patterns already to hand, but I had such a clear vision for this quilt and nothing she already had was quite right.  I think a good long-arm quilter will take the time to listen to your plans for the quilt and help you find the right quilting design (or work out the right custom quilting).

Echino quilt 

After I finished the binding on this quilt, I ran it through the washing machine and then hung it on the line to dry.  I have usually avoided putting minky backed quilts through the dryer, but this one got rained on and had to have a trip through the dryer as well.  It's definitely well crinkled but otherwise seems to have come through just fine.

Echino quilt

I really really want to make another of these quilts for myself - so much so that I've already ordered (and received) more polka dot minky for the back!

Have you ever had a quilt quilted using a quilting design you found online?  Did you know that's a thing?  Any great website recommendations?  

Quilt Stats 
Pattern: simple 8" finished patchwork squares 
Finished Size: approx 56" by 64"  
Backing: black and white polka dot minky
Binding: Moda Bella solid in Shocking Pink 
Pieced by: me
Quilted by: Sue Burnett

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Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

I love the contrasting thread colour! Works so well with the Echino.

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful!

cat and vee xoxo said...

LOVE this one, so gorgeous and happy!

Nana_Di said...

Oooooohhh love it!! So colourful and pretty.

Annabella said...

Beautiful finish Adrianne - using the services of a long arm quilter? Not yet *sigh*

Lois said...

So beautiful and colourful:))

Hettie's Mum said...

This looks a lovely comforting quilt. Bright and friendly! The minky backing looks great. Where did you get it from? :-)

Dominique said...

That turned out lovely. I still love those squares that look like they are pieced!

Ella said...

Soft and fluffy on the minky side and buttery on the linen side. Major win!

DeborahGun said...

Just love this one - Echino always :-)

Erica Jackman said...

So pretty! This makes me really want to make an Echino quilt, but I will need to buy more Echino first, ha ha. It makes a very exciting quilt!

Unknown said...

Love this - such a great use of colour and pattern. I've often thought about backing a quilt in minky, but it scares me with all the possible fluff it would create. I'm taking a step towards doing it by using flannel on the backs of one of my upcoming quilts. Small steps. ;)

ittehgaps said...

I have put MINKY thru the washer and dryer many times. test it out for yourself or look it up on line but there should be no damage from doing so. also have no trouble with fuzz. commenter 12 mentioned concern with flannel. I know different brands and quality of flannel does shrink so again test it out before using. If in doubt i would always prewash before doing all the work of using it in a quilt but don't be afraid to use either. quilts backed with them are always my familie's favorites. i always tell them i make quilts to be used and loved. Cindy

Unknown said...

Nice job. Love the quilt stitch and the colour you used.

G! said...

w.o.w. - that is so gorgeous - LOVE the colors

Gemini Jen NZ said...

Fantastic colour and vibrancy! The quilting design looks great with it. Any tips for sewing with minky? Where do you source yours? I am guessing quality fabric is a key point!

Nicole said...

Beautiful quilt, Adrianne! I love the vibrant colors you chose. The blue thread works nicely.
I do all free-hand quilting so I haven't looked into using designs. I did try a couple of pantographs for practice once, but found it too stressful to follow the lines!

Kirsten said...

Really love this - the patchwork design is perfect to show off those bright Echino prints and the quilting is beautiful!

SRV said...

Hi-I am getting ready to make my very first quilt out of echino. I am usuing bright and dark colors. Did you prewash your fabric? I would prefer not to but do not know if Echino will bleed when the quilt gets it final wash.
Thank you for any information.
Sandra Ramsey