Friday 17 October 2014

Pink, red and blue cushion

A few weeks ago I shared a quilt I was working on.  The quilt is finished now, but I'm keeping it under wraps until I'm ready to hand it over to the recipient.

Pink, red and blue cushion 

When I was making the quilt, I made four extra blocks.  Making more blocks than is strictly necessary for a quilt is a technique I like to ensure a good balance across the quilt.  It can be easier to make extra blocks up front, rather than feeling like you're finished with the quilt top and then having to make more.

Pink, red and blue cushion 

I may also have had a cushion made from the extra blocks in mind as well!

Pink, red and blue cushion 

I'm pleased with this cushion.  Without the sashing and the border fabric, it's quite different to the quilt, but similar as well.  The quilt is straight line quilted, but I decided to stipple this one.  I like the contrast of the curvy quilting against the angles and straight lines of the churn dash blocks.

Pink, red and blue cushion 

Sometimes I buy fabric and it sits in my stash I start wondering whether it was a good purchase.  The binding is one of those fabrics - I bought it with binding in mind (hello, stripes) and then it sat in my stash for quite a while.  When I pulled the fabrics for this quilt, I realised it was the perfect binding for this quilt, and this cushion.  I'm going to have more faith in my fabric buying abilities from now on.

I used my covered zip cushion back tutorial for the back.  It's been a while so I had to refer back to my tutorial for a couple of the steps.

Pink, red and blue cushion

I'm tempted to keep this cushion to add to the growing pile on my couch, but I think it probably belongs with the pink, red and blue quilt that spawned it.

Anyone else like to make extra blocks for their quilts, with or without cushions in mind?

I'll be linking this finish up with crazy mom quilts.

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Anne said...

Ooooh. Making extra blocks. Why have I never considered that, seriously?! Love the pillow and yay stripey binding! I have an entire stripey section in my stash for binding and yet I don't think I've done stripey binding once. Eesh. I do NOT have faith in MY fabric buying abilities! ;)

Debbie said...

Very cute and I agree the binding is perfect!

Anna@Domestic Quilting Joy said...

Love the pillow. Extra blocks...never so far, but seriously tempted seeing your lovely pillow. I'm more likely to get what I think will be the right number of blocks done, then realise it still needs more to balance, then get frustrated and bored that I can't finish it. Put it away and have to get it out again several weeks later. But I almost always love the end result once I've pushed through!

Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl said...

Great cushion - the binding really pops and ties it all together. :)

crookedtailcrafts said...

I like to make extra blocks as well. Can be very helpful. Sometimes I use them in the backing, and other times I use them to make a custom storage sack for the quilt. Helps me know which quilt is in each bag. Love your churn dash blocks; great colors!

dutchcomfort said...

Lovely cushion, I have a thing for churn dash blocks. I sometimes make extra blocks for a quilt, just to be sure to have the right balance in colour when I assemble the blocks or to use them in the backing.

Carla said...

I love me a Churndash! Lovely

Unknown said...

This is fabulous - that binding is perfect. (I like to buy fabric to hoard for binding too.) Love this cushion - might be time to make some quilt type cushions for our house I think! Thanks for the inspiration!