Tuesday 14 January 2014

A couple of zip pouches

This weekend, at my brother's request, I made him a pencil case.  I used some amazing colourful First of Infinity fabric to piece a rude word for the front, and a bigger piece for the back.  I used Noodlehead's open wide pouch tutorial to make these, except I quilted the exterior and didn't box the corners.

Funny pouches 

I had so much fun making a pouch for my brother that I decided to make one for my mum.  She wouldn't appreciate a sweary pouch, but she can't resist the word pith.  It makes her laugh every time.  So I made her a nearly-but-not-quite sweary pouch.

Funny pouches

The cursive letters were done by tracing the writing with a water soluble pen and then free motion quilting over the lettering.  My quilting is not perfect but I still love the effect.

Have you every gotten carried away making something and ended up making multiples?

By the way, if you're thinking about participating in the 2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge (or frankly, even if you're not), you should head on over to Play Crafts and check out Anne's For the Love of Colour post on Radiant Orchid.  I'm learning so much from these posts and this is a particularly good one!


Kristy said...

The pouches are super cute and I bet they loved them. As for the Color of the Year, I did buy some fabric...just need to get the party started.

Julie said...

Cute pouches Adrianne. I'm impressed with the writing too.

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

Teehee, that makes me giggle too!!

nicole said...

Love these pouches! You did a fantastic job with the script, i want to give that a try!

Anne said...

These are awesome, and I love the stitching! BTW, that's basically what I did for the dragons. Draw with pencil, sew over with FMQ. So time to make a dragon quilt! :D

So....what's on the other side of your brother's? :)

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Ha ha ha, excellent - oh show us the rudey!

Lyndy at Stitchbird said...

Chicken! Where is the photo of the other one? Love them. Makes me want to make pencil cases.