Friday 27 September 2013

A quilt for a kid

This weekend I quilted up a little quilt top that has been sitting in my cupboard for I-don't-know how long.

Chevron Oasis 

It's a cousin of the first finished quilt I ever blogged about.  I bought the fabric, a couple of charm packs of Moda's Oasis collection, before I really knew where to find modern fabric.  I wouldn't say it's exactly to my taste but I do like how soft and pretty the floral prints are. 

I took the opportunity of only having a small area to quilt to play around with a few different quilting designs.  I really wanted the quilting to emphasise the distinction between the cream background and the coloured chevrons.  Quilting the background more densely makes it recede, and this back and forwards wiggle adds some movement an directionality to the quilt.

Chevron Oasis 

The coloured sections are not only quilted less densely, with a reasonably loose stipple, but the much more curvy quilting also contrasts nicely with the quilting in the background.

You can see that I experimented with a different quilting design in one of the coloured sections - rather than the stipple I've quilted little flowers on a meandering path.  I wasn't very happy with this design when I quilted it, but looking at the photo it's growing on me.  I'd like to try this design again when I'm not so constrained for space - making the flowers that small was a bit tough.

Chevron Oasis

I'm really pleased that this quilt top is now out of my cupboard and in a usable state.  I'll take it along to the quilt guild meeting this weekend and hand it over to the lady in charge of collecting quilts for donation to the neonatal ward of Wellington Hospital.  They are always in need of more quilts so I'm sure it will be useful.  

Chevron Oasis

I'm linking up to 100 Quilts for Kids at swimbikequilt.  It's heartening to see over 100 quilts linked already.

Quilt Stats
Pattern: half square triangle chevron quilt
Finished Size: 28" by 32"
Fabric: Moda's Oasis collection, very subtle cream floral 
Backing: white on cream print from Spotlight
Binding: DS Quilts print from Spotlight
Pieced and quilted by: me.

Linking up with finish it up friday at crazy mom quilts.

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Susan said...

I love the way your quilting has given so much texture to this one! And I am sure it will be loved by a little baby too!

Rebecca said...

Nice quilting!

Frances Meredith said...

Lovely to see a more muted zig zag pattern, cute quilt.

Annabella said...

It's a beautiful quilt Adrianne :)

MsMidge said...

It's a gorgeous little quilt!

Nat at Made in Home said...

It is a very cute quilt!

Karyn said...

I really like that quilting. It suits the quilt perfectly.

Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation said...

super cute!! I love the variation in the quilting!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

Anna said...

So cute! I love the way you quilted the print and solid sections differently :)

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Your quilting is really lovely - it gives the little quilt so much added texture, amazing !!

Leanne said...

The quilting makes this quilt shine!

Cari said...

I like the softness of this one too. And the quilting looks great, front and back!

Shauna said...

I like smaller quilts as it does allow a chance to experiment with different quilting techniques. Yours turned out well. I do love the softness of this quilt.

MellieWo said...

Love the quilting! Well done!

Katie @SwimBikeQuilt said...

the quilting on this is really lovely! Thanks for linking up to 100 Quilts--happy sewing :)