Monday 16 September 2013

Blackberry Winter Blossom

Spring in Wellington means the long winter nights get shorter, and the days get longer.  Lots of green sprouts appear everywhere, everything is growing.  It also means weather that is even more changeable than ever, and you can really get four seasons in one day.  There is more sunshine, but especially in these early days of spring, there is a lot of wind and rain, and a day can turn from warm and sunny to freezing cold and rainy in an instant.  I wanted my first quilt to capture that early spring feeling - it has started,  but we're not completely out of winter either.

Spring Blossom

I designed this really simple block to try and capture that feeling.  To me, it's reminiscent of both a flower and a snowflake.  "Blackberry winter" is an old fashioned term used to describe a cold snap that occurs after the blackberry bushes have blossomed, preparing the way for fruit to appear in summer.  It seemed like the perfect name for this block, and so even though I'm sure it already exists in some other incarnation, I'm calling my version the Blackberry Winter Blossom Block.

Spring Blossom Quilt

This quilt is a large scale version of the Blackberry Winter Blossom Block, with each square finishing at 2.5" and the whole quilt top finishing at around 44" square.  I really really love the colours and fabrics in this little quilt top.  The border fabric is a particular favourite and actually inspired the fabric pull that this quilt is made from.

I knew when I started making this quilt that much of the definition in the block design would be lost because of the different values of the fabrics I've used to make the quilt.  If I had chosen a more consistent value contrast between the squares that make up the background, and the squares that make up the flower, the flower shape would be clearer.  I really don't mind this - I love all the variation in the quilt, but I will be taking the opportunity to add definition to the edges of the flower with the quilting.

Spring Blossom Quilt

With a really small version of the quilt top, you can see the pattern a lot better.

Spring Blossom Quilt

I'm pleased to say that I have more of most of the fabrics I used in this quilt - they will definitely be appearing again.  I have the backing pieced so I just need to get it basted and then start quilting - can't wait to do some FMQ on this one!

Has the change in seasons where you live been influencing your quilting?

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Sarah @ Georgia Girl Quilts said...

I love this block and have bookmarked it for later use. Your quilt is beautiful too! Thanks for sharing.

Leanne said...

It's pretty, and I love blackberries.

Cille said...

Lovely airy feeling. First I thought it was a bit 'blurred' but I actually like it the lines not being VERY defined on second thought :)

maria said...

It's very pretty and I love the name you've given it. The seasons haven't influenced me this year so far although I do have some Christmas fabric to use soon.

Catherine said...

Love the block and would be tempted to do lots of variations! Definitely starting to think in terms of autumnal colours, but better get on with it or by the time I get round to it, it will probably be spring again!

Kathleen said...

That's really pretty. I can see me doing loads of different versions, with a variety of coloured centres and petals. Arent you clever! Yet ANOTHER one to add to my list; its the best looking list I have :)

Nat at Made in Home said...

What a great block! Cannot wait to see how you quilt it to make sure the blackberry really shows!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Stunning fabric choices, really pretty x

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

Just beautiful! I like that it's a subtle blossom design :)

jeifner said...

With the weather cooling off its given me a push to get my last summer projects done. If I added this charming blossom to my list I'd have to make it a bit more autumn/winter :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Love the colour and fabrics. Thanks for sharing. Marie

dutchcomfort said...

Realy pretty and lovely colours!