Sunday 30 December 2012

Handmade Christmas Revealed - Day 3

Warning - this post does not contain any actual swear words, but it does contain references to swear words, and putting swear words on handmade items.  If that offends you, please stop reading now.  Come back the day after tomorrow for a totally swear word free project (except for the ones I let out when making it!).

My Dat Star block is finally incorporated into a finished project.

I originally made this to be one side of a pillow for my brother.  Then I got scared of putting in an invisible zipper, and decided to make two pillows instead.  To bring the pillow front up to size, and to add a bit of lightness and brightness, I sashed the existing block with the On Point in Golden print from Michelle Engel Bencsko's Simpatico collection.

This block is already pretty busy, so I kept the quilting simple by straight line quilting about 1/8 of an inch off the outline of the star, and doing some very simple free-motion quilting in the border.

The back is part of a pillowcase from Ikea, with a zipper cover in the same Simpatico fabric I used for the front border.

The other pillow in this pair is a very rude pillow made following a family discussion about sweary sewing, and at my brother's request.  I have blurred out the swear word (it's really really offensive), but if you know Azealea Banks' song 212, you will know what it says.  If you don't know the song, don't google it unless you are ok with all the swear words (and lots of words that aren't really swear words but that are pretty offensive nonetheless).  It is definitely NSFW (but a very catchy beat!).

Anyway, I rather enjoyed making this offensive pillow, so I see more in my future.  I think I needed greater contrast between the background and the fabric used for the words, but it does have the upside that you can't really read it unless you look close.

I used the same fabrics for the border and the back.  I love that I can get two pillow backs from one pillow case, which were in the duvet cover set I originally bought to use for quilt backings.  Very economical.


Cille said...

He he.. I am not easily scared off and made it all though your post. Lovely pillows :)

Stephanie said...

Lol - I love quilting projects with a little bite and snark! Beautiful job :)