Friday 28 December 2012

Handmade Christmas Revealed - Day 2

Next up on the reveal list is the project using some teeny tiny scraps from my Rubies in the Rough quilt, of which I showed this sneak peek a little while ago.

I can now show you the finished item.

I made the focal section from the little parallellogram scraps from cutting equilaterial triangles.  I simply sewed about half of them together in a strip, sewed the other half together in a strip pointing the other way, sewed the strips together to give a kind of herringbone effect, and squared off the sides and ends.  Making this part was a very quick but satisfying little project.

I then sashed it out in the same charcoal crosshatch sketch fabric I used in the original quilt, and pebble quilted all around it.  I have to say, I really like pebble quilting, but it uses A LOT of thread.  This 18 inch square pillow took about 400m of thread to quilt.

The back is a fun white on black text print from Spotlight, with a covered zip using this tutorial.  The zipper covering is a Kaffe Fassett print that picks up the colours of the Oakshott fabrics from the front.

I felt like this pillow needed a little extra shot of colour, so I put a binding on it using some of the prints I used in my Rubies in the Rough quilt.  Instead of sewing the back and front of the pillow right sides together and turning it out like I normally would, I just sewed it with the wrong sides together, trimmed the edges with my pinking shears, and then sewed the binding on exactly as I would with a quilt.  Very simple and easy.

This pillow and the Rubies in the Rough quilt are very friendly.  Which is good, because they have both gone to my mum as her Christmas gift.


Susan said...

Oh, I bet your Mum is loving this pink and grey combination! I love how the herringbone pieces are such a highlight on the pillow! Beautiful!

Anna said...

I love those colors! Beautiful quilt and beautiful matching pillow.

Camilla said...

Having been away I've got a bit behind on my blog reading, but love this combination of brights and greys. Stunning quilting too!

Anonymous said...

I love the bright colours on the dark grey background, for both the cushion and the quilt.