Monday 15 June 2015

Rainbow Blossoms Mini

Woohoo - I have a finished quilt to share with you today!  This is another one on my FAL Q2 list (here).

Rainbow blossoms mini 

I started this quilt when I made my #igminiswap quilt - I knew I was going to love it and wanted one the same for myself.  This mini is almost identical to the first one, but I decided to mix things up a little bit by using a slightly different fabric for the binding, and also quilting it differently.

The coloured fabrics are printed by Karen Lewis Textiles - I really love how special and unique these hand printed fabrics are.

Rainbow blossoms mini 

I've been enjoying cross-hatch quilting lately and particularly organic cross-hatch quilting.  You can see on this mini that my lines are roughly evenly spaced, but they are not particularly straight or perfectly evenly spaced.  It's so quick and simple to do, and, like all cross-hatch quilting, gives great texture without being distracting.

I really couldn't resist putting something pretty on the back - I bought this Suzuko Koseki print from Stitchbird (you can find it here).

Rainbow blossoms mini 

I wanted the stitching to be a little more visible on this mini so I used Aurifil 40 weight thread in my absolute favourite colour (2021).  It's the best off-white and I have it in every weight.

Rainbow blossoms mini

As I'm sure you can imagine, the cats are super respectful of the hard work that goes into making a mini quilt like this, with all those tiny pieces.  Ralph thinks its just the perfect place to plonk his little butt.
2015 Finish-Along

Hey - my finish today conveniently matches the 2015 FAL button!  How are you guys going with your Q2 lists?

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Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I know I have seen your previous mini, but this really looked super familiar - thanks for showing that it is because of the FAL button! :) I really like the organic cross-hatch quilting you chose - it works so well for texture from a distance and the 40wt up close looks great, too.

Camilla said...

Love the relaxed organic look of the quilting and the fussy cut highlights in the low volume background. The abundant and the glasses especially! Nice!

Poppy Black said...

Brilliant! Minis are fun projects. I'm snuggling under one of my finishes now, with two furry friends. I'm sure cats think we make quilts just for them!

Wendy said...

I love this mini, great colours and great design! I didn't recognise it at first, until you pointed out it's the same pattern as the FAL button! I've only completed one thing off my Q2 list... ooops!

Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said...

I'm trying to complete my finish a long list. Now I'm a cheerleader I better get my own house in order. I've finished 2 of 4 on my list, and might finish a third. I've given up on the fourth. Far more exciting things to do.

Karen Lewis Textiles said...

It is such a gorgeous mini Adrianne and thanks for making my fabrics shine! I love your uneven crosshatch quilting and am going to try that for a change instead of matchstick has such a lovely effect. x

Afton Warrick said...

Ralph just knew you needed an object for size comparison within the photo, and figured he'd be better than a ruler or a coin to provide perspective.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrianne

I just thought I'd let you know that there is now a better link and detail photographs of the Year 60 Quilt by Norma Slabbert. It is on Pinterest.

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

I'm so glad you made yourself one too! Mine has pride of place in my sewing room, it really does brighten my day every time I am down there xx

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

It's beautiful!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Have you I mean!

artsycraftsyivy said...

Wow! This is wonderful! Fabric, pattern, quilting, everything!