Saturday 6 June 2015

Caturday Wisdom #123

Finding a reliable heat source will ensure you enjoy a warm and happy winter. Ralph

Unfortunately I don't sleep that well so I'll often have a nap on the couch at some point during the weekend to catch up. Ralph does this also (not just on weekends) so I frequently find myself with a little nap buddy which works out quite well for the both of us. He's very malleable when dozy so I can just put him where I want him and he'll sleep there.
Ivy will sometimes deign to sleep on you but god forbid you try to move her or yourself - that is not acceptable.


Sandra Walker said...

Aww! My Bella sounds more like Ivy... I used to have a darling girl, Raffi, who was much like Ralph, but she is no longer, sniff, with me. Lived to be nearly 18. Love your Caturday Wisdom posts. :-)

Poppy Black said...

Ralph - always so wise!