Saturday 20 June 2015

Caturday Wisdom #125

Keep your focus on the important things in life. Ivy
I loved reading about all of your 'freshwater cats' last week, clearly Ralph and Ivy need to put more work into their tap-drinking.
Today's picture is an oldie, I took it when this quilt was still in progress which couldn't be 'published' before being shown at Symposium, even in the background of a cat photo!
Adrianne was away for work one night this week which caused Ralph to meow despondently at me the entire time. The poor little dummies even got all excited because they heard a car park in the street outside and they thought it was her getting home. It's nice to know they care, even if they only show it when you're not there.

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Pine Valley Quilts said...

Such a cute photo, looks like he/she is up to something ! Beautiful quilt too.