Friday 13 March 2015

#year30quilt - an update

I'm nearing the halfway point of my year 30 quilt project, where I'm making a block every day for my 30th year.  I hit 169 blocks (a square number) over the weekend and took some progress photos.  I thought I might make it easier for people who haven't been watching the whole way through and share my progress photos right from the start in this post, you can see how the quilt has developed.

The first 16 blocks.

The first 44 blocks.


The first 73 blocks.

#year30quilt (121 blocks)

The first 121 blocks.

#year30quilt (169 blocks)

The first 169 blocks.

I think the quilt is still looking completely mad and I still love it.  When I look back at the blocks they remind me of what I was doing and feeling when I made them.  Even though I still have over 180 blocks to go, I'm pretty excited about seeing this quilt in its finished state!

If you're interested in this project, you can read my previous posts here:

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cauchy09 said...

A little crazy, but very inspiring. You're gonna love this quilt forever.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

How wonderful that each block reminds you of what was going on when you made them; that sounds delightful!

Jennifer said...

I absolutely love this idea! What a fun and creative way to be intentional about each day. Almost like keeping a diary (but more colorful and fun to make).

scrapinlinda said...

So pretty, I've been wanting you to update. Love this!! Keep up the goooood quilting :-)

pandchintz said...

It's looking fabulous! Such fun.

Anne said...

I'm loving seeing this grow! It's colorful and vibrant and full of life..just like your year has been. :)

CapitolaQuilter said...

It's coming together beautifully. Love the scrappiness and there so much to look at.

Molli Sparkles said...

It's like a self made mixtape celebrating your 30th year. Trust that I have been following along in awe, and wondering how you maintain your stamina. I get a little relieved when I see you just post a charm square--she's still human after all! ;-)

Nicole Painchaud said...

Wow, I need to tell you that something similar happened to me. For my 50th birthday a friend gave me 50 pieces (some samples, some scraps) of material. I made two quilts with them, and they bring me such happiness. Makes me smile every time I see them. Your quilt will do the same to you. Good luck on this endeavor.

Leonie said...

Wow! It is going to be so amazing when it's all done! And I applaud your commitment for keeping this up and still going!