Monday 3 March 2014

Swap Socks

I've been meaning to show you these utterly gorgeous hand-knit socks that were made just for me by the amazing Kelsey from Everyday Fray.  Back in August I had a hankering for some hand knitted socks, and after a pretty feeble attempt at knitting myself a scarf (lets just say I bought the yarn in August and I still haven't knitted more than a swatch), I realised that I'm not going to be knitting my own socks any time soon.

Swap Socks knitted by Kelsey 

You should definitely check out Kelsey's blog post for all the deets on these socks.  It turns out that Kelsey and I have nearly the same size feet, which was a bonus, and these socks fit me perfectly.

Swap Socks knitted by Kelsey 

They are soft, they are squishy, the cabling is amazing, and you can probably tell from my latest quilting efforts that I'm definitely not over last year's purple kick!

Swap Socks knitted by Kelsey

I know that hand knit socks are a lot of work to make and are delicate, so I'm only planning to wear these indoors with my wool lined slippers, and I'll be taking extra care with washing them too.  Autumn has just begun here and we had a couple of cool days.  It's not quite wool sock weather yet, but I'm sure looking forward to getting to wear these beauties.


Susan said...

Such gorgeous sox! What an amazing colour! And fabulous cables too! I want to learn to knit sox this year, again!

Leanne said...

They are fabulous socks, such a great colour!

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

Ohhh, how beautiful!!

Erica said...

Gorgeous! I have tried knitting a couple of times and I don't think it's for me, but I do love to see the beautiful things that other people have knitted!

Rachelle said...

I love handknit socks, I wear them all the time, summer or winter. I think I now need to knit purple ones, but not till I've finished the ones for my son and my husband.
Mine may even need to be in that pattern too.

Kelsey said...

Yay I'm so glad you like them :) I used superwash merino wool so you can toss them in the washer and they should be more durable than standard knit wear. I definitely run my hand knit socks through the wringer - and it's winter here for like 7 months of the year so they get worn a LOT! haha Hope you enjoy them in the fall :)