Saturday 29 August 2015

Caturday Wisdom #135

The key to camouflage is choosing somewhere super-obvious but staying very still. Ivy

Believe it or not, it took some searching before we found the cats this day. We had both just come home from a walk with our Dad and the family dog, both of which Ralph had laid eyes on but they hadn't come into the house or anything but the cats were nowhere to be seen.
They're very much 'scaredy-cats', they don't like strangers and particularly men with loud voices so they will often disappear temporarily if we get a courier delivery or visitors.
We know their normal hiding spots by now but after checking them all we were flummoxed until out of the corner of my eye I saw something by the window which turned out to be Ivy in weasel-mode! We had spent a good 5 minutes looking and calling them by this point so she had been watching us the whole time from her window spot.
Eventually we also discovered Ralph's rather terrible attempt at hiding, his head was hidden to be fair but there's quite a lot more to Ralph than just his head...

I don't know if their hiding or our seeking is more embarrassing.


NickiJ said...

What a funny blog! I imagine they thought, if I don't move you won't see me!!

Rina Mason said...

Don't you know that if a cat's head is hidden they are under a cloak of invisibility and can't be seen. Gotta love the furry little purr monsters. Rina

Anonymous said...

My guys are scaredy cats too, although they tend to prefer male visitors. Cosmo has been hiding in plain sight this week.