Saturday 9 May 2015

Caturday Wisdom #119

Getting caught in the rain is not everything that piƱa colada song made it out to be. Mojo

The weather has been a bit wild this week, as Mojo experienced. Apparently he was pretty relaxed about being wet but maybe less happy having his photo taken while looking so bedraggled. He's usually looking much more regal - unlike Ralph who is sitting next to me right now wrapped in a tea towel because it's the only thing that would stop him trying to get INSIDE my clothes.


Anne said...

Kita tries to dig inside my clothes all the time, too! What's up with that??
I think Mojo is rockin' the wet hair look.

Poppy Black said...

My two very furry boys never dig under cover. I think they feel hot enough in their spectacular fur coats. They stay wet for ages if they are in the rain for long and I chase them around with a towel trying to convince them that being dried is a good idea.