Monday 2 June 2014

Handmade: Stamp carving

This weekend I took a class at Handmade, an annual Wellington event where you can learn and do all kinds of crafty things.  I decided to try something outside my existing range of craft skills and took a class called Hand Carved Rubber Stamps and Printing, taught by Melissa Wastney (who blogs at Tiny Happy).

Stamps and hand stamped fabric 

The concept is quite simple really - you take a rubber eraser and some kind of carving tool (I used a little set of wood carving tools but you can also use a lino cutter) and create your very own stamp.

Stamps and hand stamped fabric 

I had a think before the class about the kind of stamps I might like to make.  My drawing skills are minimal at best so I was trying to come up with simple shapes that I can actually draw.  I got the idea of creating a two piece stamp from a new design, "Flight", which Leslie Keating from maze and vale posted on instagram last week, and I guess the winter weather inspired the clouds and the rain.

Stamps and hand stamped fabric 

The cat stamp was something that of course I had to try out.  I think it turned out quite cute, like a funny little cat polka dot.

Stamps and hand stamped fabric

Overall I really enjoyed this class - we didn't have too much to cover in the time available, and Melissa was a great teacher with a lovely calm and encouraging manner.  It was fantastic to see what everyone else in the class was doing as well - people came up with some amazing designs and my favourites were not necessarily the most complicated.  

I'd like to play around with stamp carving and printing some more, and since I bought about a dozen erasers and only used 4 in class I've got plenty of material to work with!  Have you ever tried making your own stamps?


Taryn said...

Yes I've made stamps from erasers and have been really impressed by how well they turned out. I have a great book called 'Printing by Hand' by Lena Corwin and it's very inspirational. :-)

Laurelle said...

No I haven't but I have been thinking a lot about trying it! I love the organic look of the Maze and Vale fabric and the idea of making your own designs would be awesome. I love what you came up with. What sort of paint did you use? I think I will definitely have to give this a go :)

Martha said...

I've never tried stamp carving. Sound really fun. I really like the stamps you made specially the cat one is super cute.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

They look fun - I missed the class at Fat Quarterly retreat last year, but as my drawing skills are zero, probably for the best!

Leeanne said...

looks like you had fun. I remember doing a similar thing years ago with the kids, we used potatoes!

Marie Turner said...

These are really cute! I hope you have a project in mind to use them!

Nat at Made in Home said...

I have always wanted to try, but never got round to it, but I love the idea. Love the cloud and rain one!

Leonie said...

Would love to do this one day! The most evolved we've gotten is with a knife, paint and potatoes!

Anne said...

I love how both your fabrics turned out! And this reminds me that I bought a bunch of materials to do this and then never followed up by using them. LOL