Sunday 23 June 2013

Milestone giveaway winners

Wow, thank you so much to everyone who entered my giveaway!  I did NOT think I would get so many entries - that was amazing!

I've drawn two winners with the help of  The first is Ali - this is very cool because it's the first time a fellow New Zealander has won one of my giveaways.

Ali, I am sending you the cool fat quarter bundle:

The second winner is Teresa.  How fun to think of these fabrics heading halfway across the world to Spain!

Teresa, I am sending you the warm fat quarter bundle:

Congratulations Ali and Theresa - I've sent you both emails so I hope to hear from you soon.

I've been a bit overwhelmed with all the comments, but I am working through them because I really appreciate the time everyone took to enter and let me know that they are reading! Normal quilty transmission to resume shortly.


heart of charnwood said...

Congratulations to the winners!!!

Frances Meredith said...

A generous giveaway, well done to the winners!

Ali said...

I got all excited then, but it was another Ali. Well done to NZ Ali and also to Teresa.