Tuesday 20 October 2015

Aussie Aurifil Club - Cloudy Day Bundle

I think you guys know that I love Aurifil thread, so when Melissa from Ms Midge asked if I wanted to pick colours for her Aussie Aurifil Club earlier this year, I was totally into it.

My bundle is called Cloudy Day, because all the colours are slightly greyed out.  

I started with my absolute favourite grey - 2605.  It's the perfect medium - not too light and not too dark.  I love it for both piecing and quilting.  Then I added brass, 2975, because I just cannot get enough of that delicious mustardy yellow.  Smokey blue (4644) and mulberry round out the bundle, providing depth and a nice foil to the brass.

I'm so delighted by how this bundle looks all together, and I can't wait to stitch with it.  As you can see, I've chosen to receive this bundle from Melissa in the 28 weight thread, because these are colours I want to SEE when I use them for quilting.  And, let's be honest, I'm more likely to actually use this thread if I can run it through the sewing machine than if I need to use it for hand quilting!

It's been so nice watching the #aussieaurifilclub selections go out over the course of this year.  I know Melissa is very focussed on making sure people get a great range of different colours so that the club is really useful and enjoyable.  If you want to get your hot little hands on these threads, you can sign up for the club here.


Susan said...

Love these colours! Everyone needs more yellow in their life!

Blue Moth said...

What a gorgeous (and well-named) selection. Just lovely.

Unknown said...

Beautiful colour choice!