Saturday 31 January 2015

Caturday Wisdom #105

In this heat you must conserve all water. Particularly nose water. Ivy

If you've ever had a cat sneeze in your face while snoozing on your chest you'll know exactly how much 'nose water' they can hold. Blegh. 
It has been extremely hot, sunny and bright this week in Wellington, uncharacteristically so - you'll have to excuse the exposure on this photo. Ivy and Ralph have become pools of liquid cat, you will find them spread out on the floor apparently incapable of moving but still able to mew pathetically for a belly rub. Otherwise they can still reliably be found sitting in their most favourite box in the relatively cool spare room.
Hope you have a temperate weekend! 


Lyndy at Stitchbird said...

As the recipient of cat dribble this morning as Ally stood on me while is was in bed, I know what you are talking about. She dribbles alot and when she shook her head I copped the lot. Yuk!!

Poppy Black said...

There has been a lot of lying around in cool spots to escape the heat today. Very furry coats are lovely in winter, but what a shame they can't be slipped off on a scorching day!