Saturday 8 November 2014

Caturday Wisdom #93

It's good to get excited by stuff. Even if it's only you. Ralph

It's not easy to get a photo of the cats with a bottle-brush tail!  In general, the fluffy tail occurs only when the cats are in (what we call) weasel-mode, and only interested in running to their favourite hiding place with their bellies on the ground.

It is always interesting to see what will cause a fluffy butt.  This photo makes it look as if I am tormenting Ralph from behind the camera, but actually I just busted him freaking out over how exciting it was to fling that little piece of plastic around the room.  It was extremely exciting.  On the other hand,  I regularly terrify Ivy by wrapping a towel around my wet hair (obviously).

Please share below what weird things make your pet freak out - either with excitement or fear.


leanne said...

what a fabulous photo ! a plastic mouse !!

Unknown said...

We just had air conditioning installed and my possum cat is terrified of it, he hid under the couch for three days solid. He has now decided he will live in the sewing room,where there is no air con.