Monday 13 May 2013

Modern She Made - Received

Check out the wonderful goodies that arrived last week from Tara as part of the Modern She Made Swap!

Modern She Made Received 

I'm hoping the door gives you an idea of the scale of this bag - it is seriously enormous!  Perfect for carrying quilts, books, and everything else I might need for a guild meeting.  It's a bit hard to see in this picture, but the exterior of the bag has the most fantastic jagged free motion quilting - it goes really well with the random half-square triangle patchwork.

Modern She Made Received (cat not included!) 

I really like the hot pink lining, and so does Ivy.  Also check out the pockets - there is even a zippered one - fancy, huh?

Modern She Made Received 

This matching needle case clips on to a finding in the bag - such a great idea!  Tara also included this very cute mini quilt - she really went all out!

Modern She Made Received

Thanks so much Tara, for making this a fantastic swap!


Erica said...

How fun! It is always fun to see what people receive in swaps.

Elmosmate said...

I have bag envy! Bring it to RATBAGS on thursday so we can admire it :-)

Kirsten said...

Fabulous swap package! Love the kitty pic:)

Susan said...

You really scored! What a wonderful swap! Did you put kitty in the bag, or did he/she get in of their own accord! Very cute anyway!

Jo Jo said...

The perfect size for a kitty cat! Lovely swap items :)

maria said...

I was going to ask the same question as Patchwork and play! I didn't realise that sending a cat in a bag was a part of swaps these days!

Annabella said...

What an amazing package of goodies - I love all of them. Enjoy Adrianne :) said...

Who is a lucky woman then and a lucky cat. What a fab prize.
All you'd need is a mesh over the top and it's a new style in cat carry cases :o)