Friday, 3 May 2013

Trying something new - little fox appliqué

So far, I've really focussed on pieced quilts.  I have done a very small amount of machine appliqué, but didn't particularly enjoy it, not least because my sewing machine doesn't have a great buttonhole/blanket stitch.  I do like the look of appliqué though - you can do things with it that you just can't with piecing.

Little Fox applique project 

This little fox is from Kajsa Wikman's book, Scandinavian Stitches.  In the pattern in the book, you use a kind of free-motion machine embroidery to appliqué the fox to the background, but I chose to hand stitch it using two strands of embroidery thread and a blanket stitch.

Little Fox applique 

Oh my gosh, I LOVE that orange Madrona Road print!  You can see that my stitches aren't perfect, but I like the naive quality the chunky stitching adds to this already whimsical fox.

Fox applique - close up of blanket stitching

So, what do you reckon I should do with this little piece?  I will probably make a bigger quilt with more appliqué, but I would like to keep this for myself as my first work of this kind.  I've thought about turning it into a cushion, or a mini quilt.  I feel like it needs some more, bright, colours - maybe a crazy pieced border.  I'd love your suggestions!

Have you tried something new lately?


  1. I just found Scandinavian Stitches in the library yesterday, it's a great book! I really want to try her style of appliqué. Just one of many things on my list to try so I'm not quite sure when it will happen! I adore your fox. How big is it? I think it would make a great pillow with lots of different fabrics framing it. Or the start of a quilt with different appliqué blocks!

  2. I don't know what you mean about your stitches not being even, I seriously thought you had machine appliquéd that and didn't believe your post that you hand stitched. I'm still a little dubious!
    My initial thought is that it would be a cute pillow cover, so I'm gonna vote for that!

  3. Lovely fox! I love the contrast of the blue and the orange.

  4. Oh I love it! That's one of my fave Madrona Road prints!

  5. I just found my blanket stitch on my machine! The fox is so cute! You could have an embroidery hoop and hang it in your sewing room?

  6. This is gorgeous! I love the orange and blue together! I have no brillant suggestions to what to do with it, but it can only get better!

  7. This is so adorable. I think the stitches look great. I have tried the free motion embroidery thing before and my machine did not like it at all.

  8. What a jaunty little fellow he is! If he were with me he's be on a cushion, just so I could give him a squeeze now and again. It's really lovely.

  9. Hi Adrianne your wee fox is sooo cute. And honestly looks machine appliqued. Very professional. That is one cute cushion in waiting.


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