Saturday 21 February 2015

Caturday Wisdom #108

Always strive for peace...ful naps on the couch. Ralph

Ralph really does care about peace, sometimes. He cares less about it in the morning when he wants his biscuits immediately and will nip your feet and ankles until he gets them.

Caturdays have been a bit light on the Ivy pictures lately because the box obsession continues. I can't get any novel photos because she's in there All. The. Time.
She's always spent a lot of time in there during the day - see below when I tried (and failed) to catch her unawares, but now it's all night while Adrianne's away at QuiltCon. I don't let them sleep with me because the little devils come and sniff my face in the middle of the night and it gives me a heart attack.
I wonder if she'll change her tune in winter when the coldest room in the house is no longer the most desirable.

1 comment:

SharynB said...

Ivy is the most beautiful cat! I do adore black cats, there is something special about them!