Saturday 19 July 2014

Caturday Wisdom #77

Get out and about, it could result in delicious cobwebs! Ralph

I suppose they're like candy floss for cats but it's totally revolting, anyone else's pets indulge in this?
I think I need to plant some more cat grass for them when it gets a bit closer to Spring.
Happy weekend!


Havplenty said...

You can grow cat grass indoors in big pots for your kitties. I do for my two buddies.

My one cat, a tuxedo eats all kinds of gross stuff. He is a great insect catcher especially flying ones and pretty much anything that crawls also. LOL


Jo Jo said...

He's so gorgeous.

Cille said...

Between my four cats here's no limits for all the things they bring back. Mostly were glad when it's not alive ;)