Monday 28 July 2014

Block a Day July - Week 4

Oh no - I nearly forgot to post my fourth week of blocks! Oops! Anyway, here are all 27 of my blocks so far - I almost can't believe there are only 4 more to make! 


This week's blocks, all in the bottom row: 21 July - Forecast of overnight snow, 22 July - Time for an early night, 23 July - Anyone for a cuppa?, 24 July - Star flower, 25 July - Croque-madame, 26 July - Lazy Saturday, 27 July - Scrappy log cabin.

My quilt is continuing to be pretty eclectic and scrappy, which I'm loving.  Here is the link-up for everyone who who still playing along!

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Aoife said...

Your snowflake is beautiful - is it applique? I love how they all look together, and I'm so impressed that you've gone 27 days in a row!

Robyn said...

Even though it's real scrappy, there are lots of little things that tie it all together. I look forward to seeing it at the end. Only a few more days!

Lara B. said...

Adrianne, it has been really fun to see what you would come up with! They all are turning out great!

Anne said...

Love them! I really enjoy the dark ones, especially. The colors you've used really work and the dark ones tie them together. Such a fun project, I'm loving watching it grow!

Cille said...

Love where this is going... Such fun way to do a quilt :)