Friday 10 July 2015

Registrations for Lizzy House's Meadow class in Wellington, New Zealand, now open!


I am super excited to announce that Lizzy House is coming to New Zealand (as part of a larger trip that takes place in Australia as well).  If you're not already familiar with Lizzy House, she is a fabric designer, print maker, pattern writer and creative soul.  You can check out some of her fabric collections for Andover here.

Bec (who blogs at Skyberries Handmade) and  I have been working with Lizzy to plan her trip to Australia and New Zealand in September and October 2015.

Lizzy and I have planned a two-day workshop where she will teach her beautiful Meadow quilt in Wellington on Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th of October 2015 (yes, two whole days of hanging out with Lizzy House and stitching your little heart out).  Lizzy has said she will never release a pattern for the Meadow quilt, so this is a rare opportunity to learn how to make one for yourself.

Debi's Meadow Quilt

If you're keen to come along or even if you're just keen to share the news that Lizzy House is coming down under, feel free to share our blog button!

Lizzy House Meadow Down Under Tour

Spaces in the class are limited so I will be taking bookings for the Wellington class on a first come first served basis.

To reserve a space in the Brisbane, Sydney, Perth or Melbourne class, visit Bec at Skyberries Handmade.

To reserve your space in the class, you need to:

(1) email me at adriannereid @ gmail dot com with the subject line "Lizzy House class" confirming that you would like to attend the class.  I will then send you my bank account details so that you can...

(2) pay a non-refundable deposit of $70.

There are only 18 spaces in the class, so I'm sure it will fill up fast!  Once the class spaces have filled up I will create a wait-list.  People on the wait-list don't need to make any payment and I will contact them if anyone on the first list backs out.

You can email me now!  I'll update this post once the first list fills up, but you can still register for the wait-list after that.

Questions you might have:

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

There are three reasons for the deposit.  The first is so that only people who are really committed to coming to the class sign up.  The second is that Bec and I need to collect enough money from attendees to meet Lizzy's costs of travelling to Australia and New Zealand.  And the third is that to book a venue for the class, I will need to pay a deposit - and the deposits I collect from attendees will allow me to do this.

What happens if I have paid a deposit and I can no longer attend the class, or the class is cancelled?

If you cannot attend the class, or the class is cancelled, you will not get your deposit back.

Why isn't this class being organised through a shop?

I want to keep the class as affordable as possible.  Most shops organising a class would want to make a profit on the class - this totally makes sense since they are businesses.  I am not intending to make any profit on this class but simply cover the costs.

Is this class guaranteed to go ahead?

No.  This class could be cancelled for a variety of reasons (including if there is not enough interest in Australia to make the whole trip feasible).  However, we are pretty confident that there will be enough interest and once we have collected deposits, we will be able to book the essential components of flights and venues, which means that the class will very probably proceed (yay!).

How much will the class cost in total?

The class costs are made up of Lizzy's teaching fee, the venue costs, and Lizzy's travel and accommodation expenses.  My aim is to give attendees a final price as far as possible before the class takes place, but at this stage I'm not sure what the final costs will be.  However, I am hoping to keep the total cost to $350 per person or less but I cannot guarantee this.  The deposit you pay comes off this cost.

Where will the class be?

I have found a lovely venue in Wellington's CBD.  It has natural light, loads of space, and each participant will have their own table with plenty of space for a sewing machine and a cutting mat.  They are also happy for us to leave the space set up overnight so there's no need to pack down between the two days.  At this stage I have a pencil booking but will need to pay a deposit soon to confirm.  I looked at a variety of venues (including venues outside the CBD) and this one ticks all the boxes AND was at the cheaper end of the prices I was given.

Who should come to this class?

The Meadow quilt involves reasonably complex curved piecing.  Participants will have experience piecing quilts, and may have worked with curved piecing before.  You must have an open mind and be excited about learning something new!

You will need to bring your own sewing machine and other quilting equipment (cutting mat, rulers, rotary cutter, etc).

What does the class involve?

This class meets twice, for 6 hours each day (with a lunch break).  In this class you will choose your fabrics, learn about the Meadow and make around 6 to 8 blocks.

What about accommodation?

The cost of the class does not include accommodation.  There are loads of options for accommodation in Wellington.  Closer to the date of the class I will try to provide some more information on accommodation options, but participants will be responsible for arranging their own accommodation.

Can I leave a comment on this post to reserve a spot in the class?

No!  Please send me an email at adriannereid @ gmail dot com with the subject line "Lizzy House class".

Hopefully these cover off all the questions you might have.  If you want to ask anything else, feel free to leave me a comment.  I'm super excited about taking this forward and I can't wait to hear from interested participants!



grace said...

Hi Adrianne, hope you got my email, I'm super excited for this :)

Michelle Park said...

Hi Adrianne, I hope you got my email too :) Fingers crossed those Australians pony up so Lizzy can make it down under.